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Frequently asked questions about SP TimeSync (FAQ)

Q: When I try to check the time I keep getting the message "NTP server timeout has expired. You can try to get the time again or choose another server." I installed SP TimeSync on another computer that uses a dial-up connection and it works fine for me on that computer. What am I doing wrong?
A: Maybe you use SP TimeSync from within a corporate network which is protected by firewall (packet filter). If so, please ask your network administrator to enable forwarding of UDP port 123. This port is used to transmit NTP time data.

Q: Whether SP TimeSync's "Difference" display takes into account the roundtrip delay or is it a separate measurement? Does it adjust the clock based on both the time difference and roundtrip delay?
A: "Difference" is a "refined" time difference. It involves complex calculation which allows the exclusion of the time taken by the NTP server to process your request. Although it's impossible to completely eliminate the "Delay" in this calculation, its influence is greatly reduced. The maximum possible synchronization error does not exceed one-half of the roundtrip delay. But this is the worst case error. The actual precision is several times better.

Q: How do I add the command line "auto" to the shortcut on my desktop? The shortcut is: "C:\Program Files\SP TimeSync\SP TimeSync.exe". Do I have to add -auto or \auto or anything else?
A: You should set the command line as follows (quotes are significant): "C:\Program Files\SP TimeSync\SP TimeSync.exe" auto

Q: [Pocket PC version] How to install SP TimeSync on Pocket PC? Pocket PC installation package contains only the file setup.cab in the zip-archive.
A: This setup.cab is an installation file for Pocket PC. First extract it from the zip-archive, then copy setup.cab into any temporary folder of your Pocket PC and finally launch it (tap on it) to execute the installation.

Q: [Pocket PC version] My Pocket PC is connected to Internet through the desktop computer by using ActiveSync. When I try to use SP TimeSync on this Pocket PC, I keep getting the error: "NTP server timeout has expired. You can try to get the time again or choose another NTP server." Why does it happen?
A: This is due to lack of UDP protocol support in ActiveSync. NTP requires UDP port 123 to operate properly.

Q: [Pocket PC version] Can SP TimeSync work via ActiveSync connection?
A: SP TimeSync implements NTP (Network Time Protocol) which is, in turn, based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol). UDP is one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite (commonly TCP/IP). ActiveSync does not support UDP, therefore SP TimeSync can't work via ActiveSync connection due to a lack of UDP support in ActiveSync. Please connect your PocketPC to Internet directly by using LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, IrDA, GPRS or other connection type.