3 Promising Ways to Fix Artificial Intelligence Breakdown Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

3 Promising Ways to Fix Artificial Intelligence Breakdown Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The interactive programs of Artificial Intelligence are becoming more and more unreliable due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Various multinational companies have suffered a huge loss owing to the current situation. 

The necessary items of daily needs are becoming unavailable, thus affecting the logistics. Because these logistics are built with complicated AI algorithms. 

The algorithms generally update and replenish the stock and predict the needs of the common people. But, in this crisis, the algorithms fail in the prediction, as the demand for daily life goods is much higher than anyone has imagined. It has changed the common people’s daily life completely. 

Algorithms in Daily Life

AI algorithms always help the common people in their daily life. Starting from mail inboxes, money transfers, and social media, it has become a vital part. The integrated AI programs tackle the money launderers, hackers, and help people to protect their vital information. Not only it helps all the large scale business owners to trade but also protects their money during the process of transfer. 

The outbreak of this silent killer has taught people that they are too weak to handle such situations in the future, too. But on the other hand, the advancement of technology is also taking place. As the automation system is becoming fragile, tech experts are in the process of advancing them to avoid widespread disruptions. 

What are the exact reasons behind this failure?

The process of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is actually the behaviour of following and exploiting various patterns. These patterns are interrelated with large sets of data. When the programmed algorithms are trained on huge data sets, the patterns help them to create predictions. 

In addition to that, it also makes a forecast of what will happen in the future. Somehow, it doesn’t always work logically. This pandemic situation has made people so needy that the algorithm’s prediction is not matching the preference of the people. This is just because the customers have changed a lot. They just need the essentials, required to meet the day to day need. What the AI algorithms predict doesn’t matter to them anymore. 

For example, when a person wants to eat outside, the AI algorithm asks for his/her taste and shows a collection of food accordingly. But now, fewer people are eating outside and the algorithm is no longer useful for the owner. 

As the customers had to change their habits, the supply chain of a particular business is broken. The old and maximum positive prediction programs have lost their relevance. As a result, the materials in the warehouses are getting depleted, and there is a delay in delivery, too. This same impact has occurred in the case of banks. 

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How to Fix the Issue?

As the AI and ML models are not working up to the mark and unable to satisfy the needs of the current customer, that doesn’t mean they are wrongly programmed. No, absolutely not. 

This happened just because the programs of the AI models are not at all familiar with this kind of situation and features. Now, each and every engineer of the AI platform is fully aware of this. 

  • Understanding the Limits 

Before setting a program, the programmers and engineers have to understand the initial limit of it, before deploying. In addition to that, the engineers must continuously train the programs with the help of new data analysis and scenarios. 

  • Initiate Good and Bad Credits

The AI models must have the concept of good and bad credits to perform in any type of situation. For example, if a machine is accepting any type of application, its AI program will decide which one is good and which one is bad. 

In this pandemic, the maximum number of applications will be a part of bad reports due to extreme needs. So, the programmers must make some necessary changes in the codes and make those aspects acceptable with poor credentials. 

As the situation is forcing people to face devastating consequences in terms of credits, the automated system should have a new set of rules to follow the priorities. This will help the programs to take perfect decisions regarding the credits and reduce high risks. 

  • Upgrade the AI Programs 

The causal structure of the on-going AI programs will not be fruitful for now. That is why the programmers have to upgrade the codes and redefine it. In this rapidly changing world, the upgraded programs will fix all the issues and solve the problems in a realistic way.